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Hardwood Flooring

Give an Elegant Touch to Your Property With Our Quality Hardwood Flooring

Do you need beautiful and durable flooring for your property? Make your way to John Grande Floors right away. We'll fix you up with elegant-looking and long-lasting hardwood flooring which will transform the way your property looks.

You'll get your flooring estimate within 24-48 hours when you contact us.

Why Choose Our Hardwood Flooring Work

  • We provide solid and engineered hardwood
  • Get factory-finish hardwood flooring
  • We can also sand and finish on-site
  • Complete assistance from start to finish
  • We can remove anything and install your new flooring
  • WARRANTIES are available

Factory Finish Vs. Custom Sand and Finish on Site

You should feel comfortable with either choice. However, factory finishing offers many nice advantages. Factory finished flooring is inspected for defects at the mill so that you receive the first choice every time. On-site finishing depends on the quality of the workmanship that day.

Factory finished flooring can be usually installed more quickly and is free of the dust and odors that are mostly involved with on-site finishing. 

Although, factory finished flooring comes in a variety of colors, on-site finishing allows for a closer color match with the existing woodwork and cabinets.

Both factory finishes and on-site finishes are available in either high gloss or matte. Both types have exciting new finishes developed with space age technology. These finishes are not like grandma’s old wood floors because they require no waxing.

Engineered products install where no solid hardwood dares to go. Prior to the development of engineered hardwood flooring, hardwood products could not be installed on slab or in your basement without a special subfloor system. 

Now you can enjoy real hardwood flooring in those areas without all that fuss and expense. A special cross-ply construction eliminates the problem of expansion and contraction usually associated with solid hardwood.

Don’t become overly concerned with thinner or thicker top wood layers associated with engineered products because it’s the finish you are walking on. Generally speaking, you won’t need to re-sand and finish these products; just re-coat them unless you need to change the color.

Special considerations when selecting hardwood flooring: 
Direct sunlight can affect the color of hardwood stains, therefore closing curtains or shades during peak periods will reduce damage. Area rugs left in place for extended periods of time may expose a shading difference once they are removed from the remainder of the floor. Large pets with sharp toenails can also damage even the best finishes.
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"John and his team did an amazing job on our hardwood and our tile floors! Everything is perfect! I was speechless when I saw how beautiful it all came together. Thank you, John, for a job well done."

Gloria Cookie Davis
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